The absolute most important thing for us is to produce top-quality products for you guys. There’s nothing that we work harder for, and take larger pride in, than the quality of our products. Our aim is to have your 100% trust in any product we launch and to make sure that it will not only live up to your expectation, but exceed it.

Eternal Eyeliner was first of its kind manufactured with a new innovative free-ink technique and we can safely say that, when it works the way it should, it’s the best liquid eyeliner that has ever been created. We’ve been working on the production for 2 years and every sample has been working flawlessly. But something happened when we scaled up the production and we are beyond heartbroken. The issue is still being investigated and we haven’t yet found the reason why some work perfectly while others don’t. Even if we haven’t had any of the bad samples ourselves, it’s enough that a small percentage of you have had it. And as soon as we started receiving a few complaints about the performance of the eyeliner, we shut it down on our website and asked our wonderful retailers to do the same.

No money in the world could have us serving you disappointing products, this is something we never ever compromise on. The Eternal Eyeliner is our most expensive investment and as a company working with innovation, it’s a risk we take every time we decide to challenge the standard products on the market. When every single construction map, every machine, every engineer and every chemist of ours come together and create something that shouldn’t be able to fail – but then do. We just have to accept our loss and learn from it. This is the true cost of innovation and it’s the price we have to pay for wanting to lead the way – not to follow it.

We don’t know if it’s 1% or 15% of the entire batch. But what we do know is that even 1% is too much for us. Most importantly it’s too much for you. Therefore we are repaying every one of you who’d like to return your Eternal Eyeliner.

Please follow the steps below depending on where you got your Eternal Eyeliner for full replacement.

Our own website (
Contact our customer support at  with your order details and we will help you from there.

KICKS in Sweden, Norway and Finland (online and stores)
Follow KICKS return policies. We’ve have an agreement with KICKS that you have the right to return the Eternal Eyeliner if you’re not happy with the product but you need to follow their routines. Please reed on the links below:




Email and notify them of your wish to be repayed. Your e-mail should contain your order number and a simple explanation.