We won the category “Best Multi Product” at KICKS Beauty Awards 2018 and this is something we really want to celebrate! So how about giving you two awesome offers this weekend only? These two offers are based on the biggest debate we’ve ever had in the office (or on the internet as well). Recently a video came out with a robotic voice saying either “Yanny” or “Laurel”, which name that’s the right one is being debated all over the world since some hear Yanny while others are wondering how people can hear anything else than Laurel.

Click here if you’d like to see the video that is moving the internet and decide for yourself which name you hear!

Well, either if your team Yanny or team Laurel we’ve come up with two different offers for you! Depending on the coupon that is used the most throughout this weekend, we will decide what name that’s the real winner in this debate.

Team Yanny – free brush!
Buy the award winning Infinity Palette + either a brush kit or a Crayon kit of your choice and you’ll get a single brush for free with your purchase. The kit options for this deal are listed below, so add an Infinity Palette to your cart along with one of the kits listed below and you’re prepared for a true Yanny experience.
Team Yanny? Type “yanny” in the coupon code field before checkout and the list of free gift brushes will appear on the page.

Team Laurel – free Crayon!
Buy the award winning Infinity Palette + Blossom Lip Oil + Sharpe Diem Sharpener and you’ll get a Crayon for free with your purchase. You can choose any single Crayon you’d like as your gift, choose the one you want before checkout.
Team Laurel? Type “laurel” in the coupon code field before checkout and the list of free crayons will appear on the page.

SO GUYS, let the voting begin .. do you hear Yanny or Laurel? Ready, set … shop! Disclaimer: you’re of course allowed to take advantage of any of the offers no matter what name you hear the robotic voice say. Or even if your’re totally  uninterested in this debate you can just type in the coupon variant that you like the most.

These offers are valid through Monday the 21st of May 2018 CET but does not apply to following countries:
Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia & Mexico because of exclusivity and/or shipping difficulties.
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