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Gloss like a boss! 

Face  gloss,  lip  gloss,  eye  gloss  and  a  primer  for  everyone  with  dry  skin!  Infinity  Glass  is  a  lightweight,  transparent,  perfume  and  oil-free  gel  that  doesn’t  dry.  THE  product  that  will  give  you  pure glow without stickiness.

Use  Infinity  Glass  as  it is  or  mix  your  own  unique  highlighters,  lip  or  eye  gloss.  But  the  most  unique  characteristic  of  Infinity  Glass  is  that  it’s  a  fan-tastic  primer for  a  dry  and  sensitive  skin, so make sure to mix a few drops with your foundation for a beautiful glowy base.  Infinity  Glass  is  dermatologically  and  ophthalmologically  tested  and  approved. Packed  in  a  user-friendly  tube  with  a  thin  tip  for  precise  dosage  which makes  Infinity  Glass  the  most  easy-to-use  product  regardless  of  skill. This is multifunctional fun at its finest.

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TIPS & TRICKS: Use Infinity Glass as a:

– Primer or mix with foundation

– Highlighter, as it is for a wet look or mix with your favourite shadow

– Lip gloss, as it is or mix with other lippies for GLOSS

– Eye gloss, as it is, mix with other products or top for glow


  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Multi-use for lips, face, cheeks and eyes

Additional information


25 ml / 0.85 fl. oz


Hydrogenated Poly(C6-14 Olefin), Hydrogenated Styrene/Isoprene Copolymer, Pentaerythrityl Tetra-Di-t-Butyl Hydroxyhydro-cinnamate.

24 reviews for Infinity Glass

  1. Kelsey

    A product that encourages experimentation

    I personally did not like how this performed as an eye topper, and it looks fine tapped onto high points of the face, but this really shines as a mixing medium for shimmery eyeshadows. I have many pressed glitter pigments and eyeshadows that mimic a glossy eye very well when mixed into this product and tapped on with a finger. It doesn’t prevent creasing used this way, but I don’t really care.

    • Linda Hallberg Cosmetics

      Hi love,
      Thank you for your input, we appreciate it! As you say, Infinity Glass makes an amazing highlighter, primer for dry skin or mixed into your foundation for a glowy base, or just as a simple lip gloss. And as it is a gloss, it will eventually crease on your eyelids. So we wouldn’t recommend using it if you want a makeup that lasts for hours. But honestly, we think a grungy creased eye makeup looks pretty cool too! 😉 Keep experimenting and don’t forget to share your looks with us on @lindahallbergcosmetics and #lindahallbergcosmetics

  2. Ameena Alhaji

    Favorite product for glass skin effect! Also for editorial glossy eye look🤍

  3. Mirosmakeup

    The versatility is literally infinite. 💦

    So versatile! I recommend trying it with everything.
    I have very dry skin and I dab on a tiny bit of this before applying my long lasting foundation. Makes my skin look more alive, since long lasting products can be drying. It will lessen the longevity a bit, but at least I don’t look dead and flaky, hehe.
    On the lips it feels like nothing. No fragrance, no taste, but yet a strong loss effect. Perfection when used for a glass skin effect as well. Any downside, you ask? I’m afraid of running out of it!😅

  4. Vera k

    I like to have this in my Muakit, and mostly use it as a primer, or to make glossy looks in The eyes. Tip is to blend it with loose pigment and The apply on the lids eller lips, such a Nice finish!

  5. Ivanesky

    Lo quiero

    Este sería un producto que quisiera tener en mi kit… Ese efecto de vidrio luminoso estilo Editorial lo amo de verdad… Sutil y delicado. Si lo tengo lo amare.

  6. Zornitsa (verified owner)

    Great multi-purpose gloss!

    I’ve used the infinity glass as a lip balm/gloss, as a dewy higher and on top of eyeshadow to make it very dramatic and to achieve that wet look. It works amazing, looks great on pictures!

  7. Alina Koivula

    I love this stuff! At first sight you might think well, how is this really different from using a lip gloss or an oil? And while you technically could do that, I feel like this performs differently because it doesn’t contain oil OR silicone, it has quite a unique texture. And it doesn’t dry out, it stays moist. I love to use it especially as a highlighter, because it looks way more natural than highlighting with shimmery products, and I love it as a primer on my dry under-eye area, it prevents foundation/concealer caking and sticking to those dry spots.

  8. Julieta


    Yesssss I would love to try this one can’t wait if I win the giveaway, this looks sooo good on skin

  9. Alessa Berry

    AMAZING!! Is the only one that doesn’t itch when I aply it yo my lids!!

  10. Salwa

    Love it

    All rounders have always been a treat for me and for those with dry skin I know how hard it can be to get that glossy glow finish with lathering on tons of moisturizer this has been such a game changer for me.

  11. Jelena Mitic

    I love this one! Such an amazing formula! Makes every makeup look magical! Totally obsessed!

  12. Paula Lourenço


    An AMAZING product for any makeup lover!!
    Dry skin? Use it as a primer! Want the wet skin look? Use it as a highlighter! Glossy eye? Glossy lip? Its a multipurpose products with an AMAZING formula!!
    10/10 would reccomend!

  13. JustinTib


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  14. Samantha Scholting (verified owner)

    So versatile!

    LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I use it for so many things, on top of lipstick, as a glossy highlighter, over my eyeshadow etc. Not sticky, goes on smooth and stays hydrating!

  15. Rauwy Wycliffe


    A must have in your collection!
    I used this on myself and my cousins as a makeup base for a wedding and wow you GLOW and it really keeps your makeup last all day long. I also apply it a little heavier on my cheek bones to make my highlighter stand out a bit more. Received compliments all day long about how my makeup looked. Highly recommend this product.

  16. Tanzina

    Best Multipurpose Gloss in the Market

    Best gloss ever! A must have product for any pro MUA! And amazing to use on daily makeup routine as well. It gives u an actual wet look. Love using it on eyes for editorials and on cheek as well to get super glossy highlighted cheek.

  17. Antri Christodoulou – @antric_makeup

    As a Professional Makeup Artist, based in Cyprus, this product has saved my life. I can use it on my clients (photoshoots etc) as a Primer, Highlighter, lip gloss, eye gloss etc. I LOVE IT!!! ❤️
    P. S. It is not sticky at all! A little goes a long…

  18. Olga

    I am very pleased with the effect and its versatility

  19. Ana

    Beautiful & versatile

    I love this product, it performed very well.
    I use it as an eye topper, but also as a lipgloss or even as a highlighter.
    I love its versatility!

  20. Patricia Villalobos (verified owner)

    Versatilidad infinita

    Fue el primer producto que tuve, y después de dos años de usarlo, puedo asegurar que todo lo que ella dice se queda corto. Es una maravilla, lo he usado tanto para mí, como en otras pieles. Es fantástico.

  21. Emma

    My fave as lipgloss

    I bought this to make some glossy eye looks for Instagram, and it is great for experimenting and creative makeup! But I have ended up loving it as lip gloss! It gives a natural moist look to the lips and I love it, and so does my teen aged daughter 😅 this is very gen z apparently! I love that LH products are ones I can recommend to anyone, regardless of age.

  22. Ida

    Versatile, multipurpose and works on everyone

    I’m on my second Infinity Glass which says a lot since the amount you get is ridiculous!
    I use it in my kit all the time for base, highlight, glossy lids, lipgloss. Sometimes I use it on the body as well because it just creates such a beautiful glow without any shimmer or glitter since it is a gloss. The consistency is nice and slick, and it lays so well on top of other products.
    This is one of my HG products in my kit, and I don’t think I could be without it! Multipurpose done the best way possible.

  23. Matilda

    Gloss Boss DeLuxe

    This is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! So hydrating which is why I love to use it on my lips and it gives me that truly glossy summer look. I haven’t found any other product that does what this does!!! Do not hesitate to buy this!!

  24. Marija

    Infinity love for infinity glass

    My favorite product out there! I can’t even describe my love for Infinity glass. You can use it on so many ways, its that versatile – on your lips with or without lipstick, for your eyes over any eyeshadow (it will just give you that remarkable glass look), on your cheekbones for highlighting moment,… 🥰🥰
    I would literally dip myself in it lol. Yes, thats how good it is.

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